The Oil (wax) suitable for spreading on all skin types.
You can use a small amount massage into skin in circular motions lightly. Filling immediate relief and good results in continuous use.

The Oil suitable for the treatment and assistance of: dry skin, wrinkles, hair, itching, skin stains, burns, after shave, abdomem of pregnancy, babies, massage, bath, sunbathing, combinations – you can combine the oil with other cosmetics.

Jojoba oil is a natural oil produced cold pressed, without chemical solvents Jojoba seed. This is actually fat-free oil.
The oil is wax liquid at room temperature.
This oil is very suitable for cosmetic uses that is similar to the molecular structure of human body oils.
It is hypo-allergenic product and completely pure , does not contain perfume or preservatives.

For external use only.

notusedNot tested on animals.